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Meet Eli and Shane.

When brothers Eli and Shane were ejected from the off-road vehicle they were riding in, after it hit a neighbor’s mailbox, they flew nearly 35 feet. Both brothers suffered third-degree burns, and Shane had a broken nose and orbital fractures, as well.

At Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, 100 percent of donations through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals support services including the care of children undergoing open-heart surgery, brain surgery and the trauma and burn care that Eli and Shane received while they were in the hospital.

Surgeries, skin grafts and stitches helped the boys heal physically, and their strong attachment to one another helped them, too. Shane says he’d always wanted a baby sister but is now eternally grateful for the love and companionship he shares with Eli.

Both boys have challenges to overcome, but they’re making strides every single day.